Making your CD with Making Music Mix is simple.

Simply click on the navigation tabs on the left to start creating your group’s personalised album. If you want to see how your creation is coming along at any time, just click the Preview button below.

When you have finished, use the Preview button to make sure your design is exactly how you want it to be.

Song Listing

Upload your recordings

In this section you can begin to upload your group’s recordings. Following the step by step instructions simply find the song file you want to upload from your computer by pressing Select. Then simply select whether this recording is a cover of an existing song or arrangement (or if this is a brand new composition that you or your group have written, please select the “This is an original recording” option) and click next. The music recordings should be in MP3 format (for more information on song files and MP3s, please see our FAQs).

Why am I doing this? In order for the composer of your song to get their due royalties, we ask you to find the song version that matches the recording you are uploading. Don’t worry, MixPixie will cover this cost so you don’t have to. Simply enter the full name of the song in the search box, press search and click on the song title and artist that is closest to the version you have recorded. You can edit the title of the song which will appear in the Recording Title box below (as you wish it to appear on your album). Make sure you have entered your performer names next to Recording Title box (also as you wish it to appear on the album) and press Upload.

Your CD

Complete Your CD