Frequently Asked Questions

Making Music and MixPixie have teamed up to produce the Making Music Mix service – a fantastic tool that offers Making Music members the chance to create and sell professionally-produced CDs of their recordings. For some time we’ve been inundated with queries from member groups across the UK on how to make CDs of their concerts in order for them to raise funds for their group. This brand new website allows Making Music members to create professional CDs in just a few minutes, completely for free. MixPixie takes care of all the hard work including paying publishing royalties and getting the appropriate licences, and there’s no minimum number of CDs that need to be bought.

How Does It Work?

To get started on your album, simply choose from a selection of six album designs from the website to edit and personalise. Every album design allows you to personalise the text, and some of them have space for you to upload a photo or logo. We’ve also provided blank designs allowing you to upload your own artwork.

Once you finish editing your album design, you can upload your recordings and arrange the order of your tracks as you wish. There is no limit to the number of tracks to include, but the CD length is 80 minutes. From a selection of price settings, you decide how much to sell the album for. We’ll send you a URL where you can send family, friends and fans to purchase the album. If you prefer to sell the CDs in person at concerts or other events, the administrator for the group (i.e. the person who set up the album) will also be able to buy the album at a reduced price.

How do I upload my songs?

Using our step-by-step upload tool, you can easily import audio files to put on your CD. You will be asked to find the song file on your computer and enter the track details before uploading. If this is a cover of another artist’s song, you will need to match this to the original so we can make sure the songwriter is paid their due royalties (don’t worry – we take care of this for you). You can also upload your own original recordings, however on these new compositions we do not pay royalties (unless they are registered on other download stores).

How much does my group get for each album sold?

When you set the retail price for your album, you will also determine how much your group earns for each CD sold, in the form of royalties. There are four set prices from which you can choose to sell your CD and four amounts of royalty payments which you would receive on every album sold:

  • £5.99 (£1.00 received by the group in royalty)
  • £7.99 (£1.50 received by the group in royalty)
  • £9.99 (£3.00 received by the group in royalty)
  • £12.99 (£6.00 received by the group in royalty)

Once your CDs are set up and sales begin, we will keep you informed of all your sales to date at the end of every month so you know how much payment is due.

How do I spread the word about my group’s album?

When you finish editing your group’s album design on the Making Music Mix website, we will send you a unique web address to direct friends and family straight to the page where they can buy the album.

Can this be delivered worldwide?

Yes, we can send CDs anywhere in the world!

We’ll take care of all the hard work and leave you to do what you do best: making music.

Go to for more information.

Where do I start?

It’s quick and easy to get your group’s CD ready for production. To start with you will need to choose a design to personalise. There are currently six designs to pick from. On some designs you are able to edit the text and on others you can edit the text and upload a photo or picture. These photos can be of your group concert or even the group emblem for example.

Where do I start
I’ve found a design I like, what can I edit?

Once you have found a design you like the look of, click on the image of the design in the centre of the screen. You will be taken to the next page where you can begin to personalise your album. As you enter onto the next page of Making Music Mix, you will be guided through the editing stage where you can change various aspects of the album. Using the sections just above the album cover image (“Album Cover”, “Message”, “Inner Cover” and “Songs”) you are able to edit as you go along.

editing your album

At each of these stages there will be an area for you to edit which will appear on the right hand side of the image. These may take the form of one or more text boxes to fill in or a photo/picture to upload.

editing your album
How do I upload a picture?

If you choose an artwork template which has the option to upload photos or pictures, when personalising your album, you will see a box marked ‘Your image here’ where your photo or picture will be positioned on the CD packaging. On the right hand side you will see a blue “Upload” box where you can locate the photo that you want to use that’s stored on your computer. Click on the photo file you want and the upload will happen automatically and the photo or picture will load into the album artwork. Use the corner boxes surrounding the uploaded photo to zoom in or out, and the slider bar at the side of the design template to rotate your image until you have it looking the way you want it to.

Screenshot of product builder
How do I upload my songs?

Using our step by step upload tool you can easily import the files you want to put on your group CD. You will be asked to find the song or classical composition file on your computer, confirm the track details and importantly match the song name to that from the Song Database. We ask you to do this in order that the publishers of those songs or compositions are correctly credited through our royalty payment system. Don’t we worry we will take care of all this for you.

You must first choose the file you want from your computer by pressing the “Select” button on the upload page. Once you have chosen your file you must then state whether this is a song is an original song (in other words did you or your group write this song) or is it a cover version of an existing song or classical composition.

Screenshot of product icons

If the recording you have chosen to upload is a cover, you should select “No” in the “is this an original recording” selection and press “Next” to upload your file. You will be taken through to the song information page where you will be asked to best match the name of the recording to that from the Song Database to help with the track classification and our royalty system:

Screenshot of product icons

The details you enter here will not only add the song details onto your CD but it will also help MixPixie allocate the correct payments to the publishers (at no extra cost to you). Simply enter the song name in the search box and choose the one that matches your song as much as possible.

Once you have found the name of the song which best matches that of your group recording, click on the title. The name of the song will be taken through to the “Recording Title” entry box beneath which will be the song name which appears on the actual album. This name can be edited if needs be.

Next to it, you will be asked to enter the names of the performers in “Performer Names”, which will also appear on the album after the song title. Once you are happy with the information you have entered in these fields press “Upload” to import your file.

Once your song file has uploaded you can upload more songs to your CD or if you have finished you can select “Complete Your CD”.

Can I upload my own compositions?

Yes you can add these to your album too. If you have written a brand new song that you would like to have on your group’s album, find the song file you would like to upload from your computer and select the “This is an original recording” from the option list on the website.

Once you’re happy with the file you’ve chosen. Click on “Next” where you can enter the name of the song in the “Recording Title” text area as well as the performer in the area marked “Your Performer Names”. You should enter these details as you wish them to appear on the album itself. Having entered the track details press “Upload”.

upload your compositions

On these new compositions we do not pay royalties unless they are available on other download stores.

You can alter the order in which the songs appear on your album by clicking the up and down arrows at the side of the selected songs. When you’re happy with your final order of songs, you can review the whole CD again and see your song listing printed on the back of the CD packaging by clicking “Preview my design”.

preview my design

Once your song files have uploaded and you’re happy with your design you can select “Complete your CD”.

How do I set the price of the album?

Once you have clicked on “Complete your CD”, you will be asked to give the album you are making a name. This album title will be how fans and fellow members can distinguish between this and any other group album you have made.

On this same page you will be asked to set the retail price of your album. This is the price that fans will pay when they purchase copies of the album that you have designed. When you set your album sale price you will also determine how much your group will earn for every CD sold: the royalty.

There are four options for you to choose from, listed below:

Retail Price Royalty to Group
£5.99 £1.00
£7.99 £1.50
£9.99 £3.00
£12.99 £6.00
preview my design
Where can my group’s album be bought from?

As soon as your CD is ready to start being manufactured, MixPixie will send you an email with the direct website link where your CDs can be bought from. You can forward part of that email on to the rest of the group, friends and fans for them to start buying the CD.

To buy the CD, your customers can simply go to “Find Your Group’s CD” at the top of the page or by clicking here. This will take you through to a menu where you can search for your group and follow the instructions to place your order and await your delivery:

Find your group CD
I want to buy my own group’s album at a reduced price.

If you are the account holder at Making Music Mix, and have created your group’s album, you are eligible to buy your own album at cost price to sell on to your fellow members or fans at concerts. This price will be the retail price you have set, less any royalties owed to the group. For example if you set your album retail price at £12.99 for your fans to purchase, you are able to buy your own album for £6.99 (£12.99 – the normal group £6.00 royalty owed to you). This can be done having logged in to the website and searching for your group’s album here.

What is the CD packaging?

Each CD is made individually at MixPixie. We want the recipient of your CD to be amazed at your school album. Our packaging has therefore been carefully crafted so that there is a real ‘WOW’ factor, when the recipient opens it. The CDs are boxed in 265 gsm boxboard in a packaging format known as a digipack. The thick card is cut, folded and glued from this recyclable material as well as covered in a high-gloss so that it will look as perfect as the day they received it for many years to come. We don’t use plastic jewel cases which most CDs are made in, as there’s nothing more disappointing than receiving a CD in a cracked or scratched plastic case, plus they’re not very good for the environment.

Can I have some information on delivery?

Our delivery system at Making Music Mix is really simple. We work really closely with Royal Mail to make sure that we get your order to you as soon as possible. We make each and every CD at MixPixie and know how important it is that your CD arrives on time. We will let you know of any delivery charges prior to the acceptance of your order.

General despatch information

Please note the despatch date is the day we give your orders to Royal Mail, NOT the day it will be delivered.

Your order is likely to arrive much faster if you use a postcode! You can check that you have the correct postcode by using the Royal Mail’s postcode finder

All our CDs are posted by First Class or Airmail. The postage cost is inclusive of the stamp and packaging.

First Class Postage Timings (these are guidelines only and cannot always be followed in the case of large order volumes)

Order Placed (UK) Order Completed by MixPixie Estimated Arrival
Before 2pm Monday - Friday Same Day The Royal Mail advise that 90% of first class post in the UK will arrive the following day, unfortunately the other 10% can take up to three days.
After 2pm Monday - Thursday Following Day
After 2pm Friday Following Monday
Saturday & Sunday Following Monday
Public Holidays Following Working Day

If possible, please allow three working days from despatch for CDs to arrive. After all, it is better for a present to arrive two days early than one day late! If your order hasn’t arrived after three days, PLEASE let us know. We would rather send a replacement CD than leave you disappointed.

International Postage Timings

Destination Recommendation
Europe Allow 5 working days
All destinations outside Europe Allow 7 working days
Reporting a problem

If for any reason you are not happy with your Making Music Mix album, please contact our Customer Service Team. Call +44 (0)20 8940 2892 or email You will need to quote your order number, the email address you have registered with and the details of the order problem.

We aim to acknowledge any complaint within 24 hours, (48 hours during busy periods) and will do our best to resolve any complaint within 7 days of receipt. We may ask you to take a photograph of the product to help us communicate with our suppliers and correct any future problems. Should it be necessary, we will then advise you how to return your item.

Returning products and issuing refunds

Although we take great care in making your CDs, it is possible that very occasionally; one or two could be faulty. If you think your CD is faulty, we will ask you to return it to us within seven days of receipt.

Your right to return items to us in accordance with these terms and conditions is in addition to any other statutory rights you may have.

If you are eligible for a refund, we will reimburse the price you have paid for the order onto the credit or debit card that you paid with. Alternatively, we may offer to remake and resend the CD free of charge. Please note it is not our policy to offer both a refund and resend.

All returns must be sent to:

MixPixie Customer Returns
St Johns Studios,
6-8 Church Road,

Refunds cannot be given if the fault is a result of your own actions such as product misuse or if personalisation is mis-spelt or if you have uploaded an image of a low resolution or size.

Multiple refund requests

If there are persistent claims for refunds from the same individual or group of individuals, we reserve the right not to issue a refund or replace an order. We may refuse to take any future orders from any such customers and will inform them of our decision in writing, via email or over the telephone.

Is there a MixPixie Facebook page?

Yes, come and see what we’re up to on Facebook:

Can I follow MixPixie on Twitter?

We love tweeting about what we’re up to all day. Come and follow us at @MixPixie