About Us

Making Music and MixPixie have teamed up to produce the Making Music Mix service – a fantastic tool that offers Making Music members the chance to create and sell professionally-produced CDs of their recordings. For some time we’ve been inundated with queries from member groups across the UK on how to make CDs of their concerts in order for them to raise funds for their group. This brand new website allows Making Music members to create professional CDs in just a few minutes, completely for free. MixPixie takes care of all the hard work including paying publishing royalties and getting the appropriate licences, and there’s no minimum number of CDs that need to be bought.

Why use Making Music Mix?

This is a great way to showcase all the hard work your group has put in when it comes to making music. We understand the time and commitment that goes into making a music group sound great and the satisfaction that can be gained by having something to show for it at the end. Creating your group’s very own album can provide you with a keepsake to cherish or the material to promote to a wider fanbase. You can record a performance or rehearsal for the album or use old recordings that you have never got around to promoting. It’s completely free and easy to use, with the CD and packaging put together professionally and sent straight to your door or to your fans’ doors.

About Making Music

Making Music is the UK’s number one organisation for voluntary music. The 3,000 members include choirs, orchestras, music promoters, jazz and wind bands, community festivals, samba groups and more. They come to Making Music for the expert help they need to set up, run and develop music in their communities. Making Music are here to help everyone flourish in their music making.

For more information on Making Music please go to www.makingmusic.org.uk

About MixPixie

MixPixie the only website in the world where you can create truly personalised CDs. Remember how brilliant it felt to receive a mix tape? Well, MixPixie provides professionally printed bespoke CDs in a 'Mix Tape style', but with high-quality music, amazing album designs and a superb print finish, which is made just for you.

Choose your album artwork from over 1000 designs and personalise your CD with text and photos. Then simply pick your favourite songs from our library of over 8 million tracks. Whether you’re after the latest chart-topping hits or some golden oldies, MixPixie has all styles of music covered. MixPixie CDs make great gifts and they can send the CDs directly to the recipient too.

For more information please go to www.mixpixie.com